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Originally Posted by TeoK View Post
Well, folks, I'm not winning anyone over on the universal background check thing, but if you would, please read...

On the day of the Connecticut massacre, I was reading the news online. The story of the crazy Chinese guy slicing up school kids broke. After reading that story, I started scanning the opinion posts. I saw quite a few pro-gun comments, things like "See! Those kinds of things can happen with knives. Ban all knives. This proves it's not about guns!"

Well, I've always been pro-gun-rights, and not the "sporting guns" variety either. I support people's right to own so-called assault weapons. Nonetheless, I really get tired of hearing all the dumb, tired arguments about banning knives and baseball bats. We all know that guns are better at killing than knives. We know that semi-automatics are superior as weapon to bolt actions. So I wrote a comment, similar to this:

Look, those kids were hacked and sliced, but so far none of them died thank goodness. Now we should think about how that would have gone if the crazy guy had a gun instead. Because here's the thing: As soon as some madman in the US goes into an elementary school and murders a bunch of kids with a gun, then that might be the end of the Second Amendment as we know it. We need to figure out ways to at least try to prevent that from happening.

That's paraphrased, but pretty much what I wrote. That same day, just a short time afterwards, the story broke about Sandy Hook.

I had hoped that pro-gun people would finally see what we're facing. The Second Amendment might survive another mall shooting, but if another elementary school (or day care center, or playground) is shot up, then it's all over, even with a Republican House of Representatives.

I don't hear any rational discussions from pro-gun folks though. I just keep hearing about "them damned liberals," and "Obama" and "guns don't kill people," and "from my cold dead hands" and all of that same bull****. If we don't figure out some alternatives and show that we really care, then it is only a matter of time. The other side will appear as though only they have ideas for preventing massacres, and those people will take control of Congress in 2014 or 2016 or 2018, and then you will see some really serious infringement.
The problem is , people are looking in the short term. In the future, maybe not in our generation, or our childrens, but some time in the future, citizens may be called on to defend themselves and our homeland. Just because you cannot imagine it happening, does not mean it won't. It was a very real possibility in the 1940's, and who is to say what may be in the future. Do you really want to disarm average citizens on a knee jerk reaction to a terrible, but avoidable situation like Sandy Hook? Do you want to leave future generations unarmed and totally vulnerable to terrorists or foreign nations?
History tells us it can and probably will happen. I don't want my offspring cursing my name because we didn't have the courage to insist on retaining our God given right to defend ourselves.
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