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Originally Posted by TeoK View Post
I had hoped that pro-gun people would finally see what we're facing. The Second Amendment might survive another mall shooting, but if another elementary school (or day care center, or playground) is shot up, then it's all over, even with a Republican House of Representatives.

I don't hear any rational discussions from pro-gun folks though. I just keep hearing about "them damned liberals," and "Obama" and "guns don't kill people," and "from my cold dead hands" and all of that same bull****. If we don't figure out some alternatives and show that we really care, then it is only a matter of time. The other side will appear as though only they have ideas for preventing massacres, and those people will take control of Congress in 2014 or 2016 or 2018, and then you will see some really serious infringement.
and you seriously believe that by compromising (yet again) on "common sense" or "compassionate" legislation that its going to stop anything? You think they are going to stop with black rifles? Or 10 round mags? I mean did you see NY is trying to impose a 7 round restriction now? You know what it currently is? 10 (Ten). Its a pipe dream to think there is anything positive to come by way of compromise. Its not a matter of not caring by the gun owning community - just like these restrictions have nothing to do with reducing gun violence.
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