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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
I think you are mad that your state voted for Obama and my state voted for Romney.

IIt's my vote and I will use it however the **** I want.
Right, that's it. You are right, vote the way you want, live with the consequences, just sad the rest of us have to. BTW, not dictating anyhting, stating my opinion. Still a free country. If that offends you, check out, don't respond. There must be some truth to the wasted vote thing or you wouldn't be so upset??
Hey guys, this ain't the political forum and the election is over
ACtually it's not, another one coming up in 14. This is all politics though isn't it? My point, your vote matters. Vote poorly, we get what we get. All this could/would have been avoided if everyone got behind NOT electing Obama instead fo all the happy feeling voting or not voting that went on.
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