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Originally Posted by TeoK View Post
"I honestly don't care about [private sales background checks]. It isn't a big deal, we do it here. Take 2 seconds and doesn't cost anything. This is a compromise we should be willing to make to avoid any awb or mag ban."

I couldn't agree much more except that we should not call it a "compromise." We should have gotten out ahead of the issue over the universal background check and insisted upon it as responsible gun owners. The cost and specific procedures are negotiable, but what's the BFD about taking a little more time to meet at an FFL to make sure we don't sell our guns to criminals or insane people?
Originally Posted by TeoK View Post
"The problem with background checks being expanded to private sales ... is that there can be no regulation of private sales without registration, either retroactive or on a rolling forward basis."

I don't understand why. Buyer and seller meet at gun shop (FFL). The FFL holder runs a NICS check on the buyer. If the buyer is legal, he pays the private seller the agreed-upon price, the cost of the background check, and a little more for the FFL holder's time: $10 for the NICS and maybe another $15 to the FFL holder. That's $25 for peace of mind, and adds considerable inconvenience to criminals and just a little inconvenience for law-abiding citizens. Also, the law could and should be written so that the FFL holder and the feds cannot retain identifying information after the transaction is complete.
If universal background checks are imposed (the requirement for background checks for ANY person-to-person transfer of a firearm) the antis will simply bide their time until a high-profile crime happens in which a firearm is used which was transfered without a check...

Then they'll use it to ram retroactive registration down our throats.
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