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Need Help, G22 failing to feed

Hey guys, my G22 has probably at least 6000 rounds through it. I put all new springs, other than the mag release and disassembly lever spring, about 1000 rounds ago or less. I have been having trouble with it failing to feed, the round makes it most of the way out of the magazine, but it seems to get stuck on the roof of the chamber. I bought 2 new magazines a couple months ago, and it is failing to feed even more often with these magazines than with my older magazines. I keep the gun very clean, detail strip and clean it out with alcohol every 1000 rounds or so and I also keep the magazines clean too.

I put the new springs in because I thought it might help the failing to feed issue and it was probably about time anyway, but the issue hasn't been fixed. I have tried 165 and 180 gr ammo, both factory and my reloads (loaded to 170 power factor), and it still malfunctions with the factory ammo, so I know its not the ammo.

Please give me your expert opinions, I would really like this G22 to be reliable again.

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