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Originally Posted by ImpeachObama View Post
It just might be NJ vs NY; Christie vs Cuomo.
And if it is Christie vs Cuomo... the loser will again be the American people. I think that so many people ONLY think about either the right wing or the left wing and they forget that the right wing and the left wing are on the same damn bird!

Choosing between either of those two or this last two is akin to choosing if you wish to die of aids or cancer. Either one sucks unbelievably. The largest cash contributor to both Romney AND Obama was Goldman Sachs. Both of them were put into those positions so that whoever won, the same agenda would continue forward. The elites OWN both the republicans and the democrats. and saying that I have to vote for X because a vote for anyone else is a vote for Y. That is nothing more than being controlled by your fears. And I know that I will be attacked for saying these things and that is just fine. You can repeat whatever talking points that you have had drilled into by Faux, by rush, by hannity or whomever you listen to. And the same can be said for the idiot talking heads of MSNBC and their clowns. But think about this, both sides keep their people in line by using fear. That way, no matter what kind of idiot they put up, they know that their mindless minions will do what they are told to do. This country is so polarized right now and they intend to keep it that way. This once great Republic has been hijacked and it has been made into an empire. And every empire has always gone the same way. We are so far gone now that I cannot see any other way that we can get out of the mess that we are currently in. There is one thing...remember how bad the economy of Iceland became. They declared bankruptcy, they arrested the international banksters and their willing accomplice politicians and now they are actually doing really great. Perhaps that is a path that we might be able to take. I really don't know. What I do know or feel is that if there is a way out of this giant mess, it won't be the republicans or the democrats that finds it, no, instead of those crooks, it will be Americans who quit hating and fearing each other and work together to find our way back into the light. I pray that Great Spirit will lead us all back onto the proper path. Ho.
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