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I've been to Blighty a number of times, usually staying at a hotel on Buckingham Gate. Several evening strolls brought me to the attention of the coppers around Scotland Yard. We talked about the Glock 17s they carried. They were envious of my Glock collection.
Thanks very much!

No doubt they were and rightly so but at least they get to shoot theirs on a fairly regular basis. I've also read today that our Armed Forces will be issued with Glock 17s to replace the Browning Hi-Powers we've had for over 50 years. I learned on a Mark 1 in the 60s, without ambi-dextrous controls. Which is why, as a lefty, I learned to fire with both hands. Ha! At my present stage, I'm not even sure any more which bit of the gun I should be holding.
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