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Originally Posted by OctoberRust View Post
I sure hope you're right.

I managed to ride through this storm, keeping my ar-15 and 30 pmags I purchased well before this whole ordeal, was tempted to sell for profit, and take my chances, but I didn't feel the risk was worth the reward to me, for reasons I won't elaborate further (just my personal opinion, no logic to it worth explaining).

Ever since the sandyhook tragedy, I've just been buying 00 buckshot, since no one seems to be buying much of that in my neck of the woods.

I know what you mean, cabelas had stacks of 00 on sale that no one was buying, everyone seemed to be staring at the empty shelves that once stocked 223 and 9mm the last couple times I went there. Most looking for some kind of self defense/home defense ammo skip right over the buckshot, it's laughable but I'm glad the fudds haven't made 12g skyrocket. Yet. All it would take is one media moron screaming about the "devastating" wounds made by buckshot to change that.

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