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Originally Posted by AZson View Post
This I would agree with is someone ends up on medication for mental health the doctor should report it to the FBI so they cannot buy a gun, what also needs to end is using a insanity plea to skirt the death penalty so people like the guy who shot up movie theater can get off using it. With all the planning he put into it with the booby traps and everything else, he is not insane, not completely anyway. Besides, whether your insane or not your still a menace to society. They should get the death penalty.
What do you think about HIPPA laws?

Maybe your doctor should report you to the govt if you have a VD because you could spread it? Your doctor should definitely call your place of employment as it is likely that you would use a toilet and could potentially infect someone. Probably, they should let you employer know about the viagra that you were prescribed because you are much likely to use it in committing a rape.

Come to think of it society would be much safer if all your personal medical records were published on the internet so if you have any questionable contagious issues, people are aware.
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