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Fort Worth beginners class...

I also posted this in TGT, but wanted to get the word out. It is not a solicition for business. I can not charge for this class.

I will be offering dry handgun classes for beginners in the Fort Worth area at no cost. This is geared toward the beginning/pre CHL holder, someone new to guns, or someone interested in competitive shooting. The focus will be on safety, technique, and handgun manipulation. I am requesting that groups be from 4 to 6 maximum and provide a location that is spacious enough for the group and safe to dry fire handguns. This is designed to last about an hour depending on questions with as much dry fire and manipulation as possible.

I am a two division master in USPSA and range officer since 2006. I can't charge a fee because of my occupation. I have made arrangements with a range North of Fort Worth for shooting instruction later on, depending on the groups preferences. Range fees will apply. If you have any questions call me at 817-366-6099. Please feel free to pass this on.
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