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If I may quote an enemy from my fathers past......

Originally Posted by ScottieG59 View Post
The big problem I see is that vendors were not ready for the sudden demand by the panic of so many.

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." _ Yamamoto

I think the Gun/magazine Manufacturers are going to see this as a direct assault on their livelyhoods and will use all their might to crank out as much stuff as they can now. I would not be suprised if Bushmaster, Del-ton, Magpul, Lancer, etc..... all start 24 hour shifts. They know the demand is there now with all the new owners and should follow thru to see that there is enough for them. Just like the Japanese woke us up and united us, this woke up alot of people who were not into the shooting sports world. I guess what really bothered me was they classified the M-1 Carbine as an assault rifle. My father carried one across the Pacific with the 2nd Marine Division (Same one) for 3 years fighting the Japanese. To me this was a direct slap in the face cause it stereotyped him as being a bad person for having to use one.
He fought and came back from 4 of the bloodiest islands in the Pacfic so we could have what we have today. He was a Democrat way back then when they stood for the right things, but became numb to them in the 70's and beyond. Because of him, I value all of our rights immensely. I served in the Navy, but don't hold a candle to what Combat Veterans did during their time. I respect others rights and exercise of same, all I ask if for them to respect mine.

It reminds me of the movie "Geronimo" with Wes Studi and Jason Patrick. There is a part where Matt Damon is talking to the Apaches with an Interpreter about them having to give up alcohol.

Matt Damon:There must be no drinkingof whiskey or Tizwin.
any violations of these rules...will result in confinement in an Army
prison stockade.

Apache Warrior speaks out why

Interpreter:He want to know why these rules.Why they be punished?
What you care if Apache drink? Soldier drink.

Matt Damon: Nantan Lupan says if Apache drink, Apache fight. Apache get into trouble. It's bad for everyone.

It's bad for the Apache, it's bad for soldiers...
..bad for all the White-Eyes.

Apache Warrior speaks out.

Interpreter: Say, why, if some Apache do bad things, all are punished?

Matt Damon: That will not happen. All Apache should not be punished
for the mistakes of only a few. We will determine who is responsible
and only those few will be punished.

hmmm... and what happened to the Apaches afterwards in history?
"I'm not a Police Supervisor, I'm a Damage Control Expert." GGARCIATX

In Memory of my Father Jose C. Garcia USMC 2ND Marine Division WW2. Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, Okinawa and Occupation forces of Japan. 4th battalion/10th Marines :usmc:

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