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I have one and I love it- one of the best triggers I have shot "out-of-the-box."

I bought mine for $466 at a local gunshow - not to shabby.

as far as holsters go- any Springfield XD holsters will fit perfectly (exept the XDS) - I got a Galco Kingtuk IWB for an XD - fits perfect. also I have a Versacarry which will fit any 9mm - so it works well in that too. - a sptringfield paddle holster will fit too. you can also buy a sig holster to fit the actual weapon if you want I know they do make them.

**also - you can easily modify a Beretta M9/92 magazine for this by filing the mag catch hole on the magazine down a little bit - a very cheap alternative for the expensive Sig mags- the downside to this is a little bit of the mag sticks out of the bottom of the handle - but, if using for the range or a "survival" situation, I can deal with it. always nice to have a spare mag or (2) of 15 rounds/each - plus you can pick up a Berretta mag for a 3rd or Quarter of the price as the Sig mags- like $10-$15 instead of $40-$50 for the Sig Mag.
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