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Originally Posted by ScottieG59 View Post
The big problem I see is that vendors were not ready for the sudden demand by the panic of so many. I think many manufacturers are concerned their development and production costs will not be recovered. Who wants to produce something they may not easily sell?

I do not know is this issue will be settled soon. Just as with other investments under Pres. Obama, there is too much uncertainty and a lot of risk. It highlights why creating new business ventures in the United States is difficult for so many. The government is acting as if it is their choice what Americans should do and what they may own.

The president will have to settle for less than he wants. The solutions to violent crime is not a new prohibition. To the largest degree, the prohibitions of alcohol and drugs is what caused the organized crime and drug gangs. We know where this road leads and it is ugly. Just look at the crime south of our border. That is what we will have when Chicago becomes the model of a nation.
Organized crime predated drug and alcohol prohibitions. Furthermore mafiosi and other criminal scum did not stop being criminal scum just because prohibition was repealed.
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