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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Yes. That is what me and Boxer both did. Risk loosing money, and 5 months of agony. Failure to fire ammo in matchs. Just to make a stupid point. That makes sense.

When I got my LnL pretty much everyone I talked to said it was a good press. Remember Jack has two and I got to play with them and watch them work.
Just to be clear it wasn't me that bought one as well... it was Shotgunred. I did get to play with one for several hundred rounds prior to buying my 650 and occasionally load on one a buddy has when I need some .45ACP as I like to shoot "heavy metal" 3-gun with a borrowed 1911 and my AK once in a while.
I read that review article you posted Justin back when I was making my decision to move to a case feeder progressive. That gentleman did a pretty good job. Though the one thing he stated that his requirements of only 500 an hour is what turned me off actually even trying the LNL. At that rate I would have stayed with either one of my SDBs. My needs are for a press that absolutely minimizes my time at the bench. I never had any faith in the LNL case feed shuttle, the 650 station 1 locator is clearly to me a better design. One thing I did notice right away in differences between the two presses is the leverage of the 650 is far greater than the LNL, in both sizing and priming. The advantage on the 650 is if you do have a military 9mm crimped case sneak by it's easily detectable.
The 1050 is a beast. I've had 2 friends come over to prep brass on the 650 and them load on the 1050 and they just can't say enough to echo my feelings on the set-up. For me it money well spent, as must as I thought the super swage was pretty good.... it was an chore. I love having the ability to just literally start from scratch with clean .223 brass... size and trim 300 cases in 20 minutes, tumble for 30 minutes to remove the lube... toss the brass in the 1050 case feeder and load then up in another 30 minutes.
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