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Originally Posted by dp2002813 View Post
Cool to reload in an apt. Awesome! Once again Thanks!

I guess now was not the best time to get into reloading. The equipment is easy, it's the components that are a little more scarce.

Has anyone used H110 in .44spl? Have not found a recipe and not sure it's worth playing with.
H110 / 296 has a really narrow window it operates well in... that being full power magnum loads. I've heard it described here as a "dragster" powder - throttle is open or it's closed, nothing in between. Normally, start data for H110 is about 1 grain off from max. Not much room to work IMHO. I tend to give up 50-100 or so fps off the top end in magnums using 2400, but I get a lot more flexibility.

Anyway, back to .44 special - you'll have a hard time finding something that performs as well as Unique, particularly with cast loads.
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