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Senator Asks for Your Opinion

Florida’santi-gun senator -- Bill Nelson -- has a survey on his website about re-doingthe Assault Weapons Ban. The survey does not require you to input anyinformation -- just check the box and you're done. The website address with thesurvey is: It's on the lower right hand sideof the page in a small box that says:

"Would you favor reinstating the federal assault weapons ban that expiredin 2004?"

Please vote -- takes about five seconds from the time you go to the website.Also -- please forward an email to every pro-gun person you know to vote.Anyone can vote -- not just Florida residents.

Nelson will likely use this to justify voting for the measure -- unless wereally pack the website with negative votes. As of tonight, the “no” votes were over 96%. That’s a good start. This is from an excellent website-

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