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Originally Posted by EL_NinO619 View Post
1) How is it not mostly controlled, I have never had a issue with the ramp our drop tube, only with the bowl.

Well it's not controlled in the sense that the case is just sliding on the sub-plate. It can fall off or tip or have any number of issues. The Dillon is controlled. I posted a picture of the part. Just because you never have issues doesn't mean others don't have issues. Mine wouldn't work better then 1/50 failure rate. I am not alone as lots of people over at Brian Enos forum had the same issues.

2) Never have had this happen in thousands of rounds.

You never spilled powder and had the slider hang back? Wow, your in the minority. Most LnL owners say "Keep some compressed air to blow it out regularly"

3) I have witnessed Dillons powder measure and I disagree, Hornadys is way better. Just as accurate to .01 gr, throws stick powder a million times better. The Dillon just will not throw stick. I also have seen and had squib loads using Dillons powder measure, the bar jams up.

Never used stick in my Dillon. It's easy to find a good ball powder even in rifle. I said that in my post.

4) I prime with ease, but I did add a metal shim to reduce the dimple travel. I also like the primer change over better on the LnL.

I would rather have one that works. Mine didn't. It's the way the LnL is. Some work, some don't.

5) Agree, but I don't think its that big off a deal

6) Hornday is a lot quicker and cheaper as far as caliber changes PERIOD.

Cheaper not quicker unless you are chaning primer size. Not by a long shot. All it takes is one bushing getting stuck and the entire die has to be reset. Cheaper is not better. That is why the Dillon is better. Caliber specific parts cost more.
Yes, the 650 cost more, yes the caliber conversion with the primer change is more time consuming if you have to switch primers sizes. You can buy a primer setup and it won't take long at all. But when it comes to a press that can crank out 100 rds in 5 mins for under 1K the 650 has no peers. it's that simple

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