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One of the most consistent loads I've tried is 4.4gr of TiteGroup (180gr FMJ/JHP) @ 1.130" and does right at 900 fps from a G23.

Power Pistol is a personal favorite, very consistent and good for "normal" level loads. Here's what I got:
(bone stock G23 Gen4, CCI SP primers)

180gr Gold Dot, 7.2gr Power Pistol @ 1.125": 1065 fps avg

165gr Gold Dot, 8.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.125": 1154 fps avg (8 fps extreme spread!)

155gr Rem JHP, 9.0 gr Power Pistol @ 1.125": 1246 fps avg

135gr Nosler JHP, 10.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.125": 1,372 fps avg

7.2gr Power Pistol and 6.5gr Unique will both do about 1150 from a Glock 35 and right around 1200 fps from a G24 (6" bbl).

8.5gr of Longshot (**6% over book**) will shoot a 180gr XTP at an average of 1,330 fps from a 6" bbl. Warm and very consistent, 15fps extreme spread.

**I worked this load up, and I use it in an aftermarket KKM barrel**

I have tons of load data I've worked up.
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