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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
There are so many things in that article that are wrong it's amazing.

1) Hornady does not have a "mostly" controlled feed path on it's cases for it's case feeder. That is it's biggest issue. Dillon does.
2) If you spill powder on the LnL it does get in the primer setup and the primer setup will jam. If your not careful (ask Zombie Steve) the press will explode parts into the ceiling.
3) Dillon Powder measure is WAY better then the Lee. It meters the same as the Hornday (both are as good as you can expect them to be). I never found Either lacking. I hear Hornady is better with Stick Powders. Never tried them in either press. He talks about squibs and bridging. Never Ever had that happen on the Dillon. It did happen on the Lee. Just because two things look similar doesn't mean they are the same.
4) He should have measured the primer seater throw and height. The Hornady is MARGINAL in this area. Dillon is not.
5) Dillon has a solid ram. Hornady is hollow, thin and flexiable.

I could go on and on.
1) How is it not mostly controlled, I have never had a issue with the ramp our drop tube, only with the bowl.

2) Never have had this happen in thousands of rounds.

3) I have witnessed Dillons powder measure and I disagree, Hornadys is way better. Just as accurate to .01 gr, throws stick powder a million times better. The Dillon just will not throw stick. I also have seen and had squib loads using Dillons powder measure, the bar jams up.

4) I prime with ease, but I did add a metal shim to reduce the dimple travel. I also like the primer change over better on the LnL.

5) Agree, but I don't think its that big off a deal

6) Hornday is a lot quicker and cheaper as far as caliber changes PERIOD.

All this said, I still want a 650 and a 1050 especially a 1050. I own many Dillon products and they are all great, same with hornady. Some have flaws, some do not, each product is different.

The 650 is a better machine PERIOD, but it is also twice as much if you included tool heads. The LnL takes some tweaking, Some of the machines are purely flawed apparently (Ex Colorado) but not all. I think the article has value, is it the bible on which press to get. Hell no. But neither is the words of a Dillon owner or a Hornady owner.
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