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Tellin' it like it is!!!

Eric for president! RILLY!!

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Good grief. If I hear one person say 'Well, it is over', before it has even properly begun, I am going to kick someone's cat. Nothing has been decided. Hell, nothing has really even been proposed yet. Perhaps we can wait to yelp and gnash our teeth until something of substance has actually happened.

We are NOT simply a bunch of children waiting for daddy to punish us for some transgression. Aside from the fact that we have done nothing wrong, we are adult Americans with rights and with a considerable amount of political juice on our side. We also, every one of us, have some muscle of our own to flex. Write letters. Let your political officials know how one of their voters feel and DON'T do it with a form letter. If you were in their place, would you bother to read a form letter? Tell them how you feel, in your own words.

Let's not abandon the ship just yet.
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