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Originally Posted by janice6 View Post
Welcome to GT. Shortly you will be able to walk over to visit us/ He** is freezing over, over here.
I know and I can't understand it. I mentioned that I also follow your (mostly federal) politics and I'm used to the usual gun control noises. I figured you'd have another 1994, if you were unfortunate, but the whole gun community seems to have combusted spontaneously.
The CT shooting was a particularly bad example, given the age of the children, so I suppose Biden, Feinstein and Co. reckon they're on a roll. There have always been Apocalyptic nut cases (nut jobs?) within the gun community and outside but this time EVERYBODY seems to be infected with the bug.
Nobody has tried to enact anything yet, the bulls are still pawing the ground, so to speak, but everybody has already gone ape. I keep reading the wires to see what I missed.
Can you tell me what has ACTUALLY changed?
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