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Originally Posted by elliotb33 View Post
Lol on CNN some lady Jan something from CHI just said why do you need high power military assault rifles with assault magazines that shot 100 rounds in a short time. She said it again a bit later. First time I heard of an "assault magazine". Hey Jan whatever how's your gun laws in CHI? Now how many gun murders do you have per year? O yea. Stfu lady.
Originally Posted by dukeguy View Post
A couple of days ago I heard someone say, "Who really needs high capacity ammunition?" Maybe the "high capacity ammunition" goes in an "assault magazine."

I have to tell you, I don't much care for one person telling me that what I want is wrong and what they want is right. That I shouldn't be allowed to have what I want, especially if it's something they don't want me to have.

When did it become right for one person to tell another what they need/want? When the soft core nammby pammby left started trying to have their own way me thinks.

They'll be happy. Just one small bit at a time me thinks, pretty soon........they'll have exactly what they want. Everything their own way.
If Men Won't Even Obey Their Govt.......What Makes Anyone Believe They Will Obey Their God?

Men Seem To Think Their God Is Like Their Govt.......He Is Supposed To Give Them Things, Not Ask Anything Of them.
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