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Greetings from across the pond!

Hello everybody,

I am a long-retired British Army vet who enjoyed shooting until the Blair government banned pretty well everything. Nowadays, I only get to shoot on my increasingly rare visits to the US but I do keep up to date thanks to Hickok45, Tnoutdoors9, The Yankee Marshall and Mr Colionnoir.

I enjoy shooting, of course, together with American history and politics, bluegrass and country music, New Orleans jazz and barbershop choruses. I would have moved to the US long ago were it not for family commitments and relative penury.

Glocks are still the gold standard for combat handguns and I'm particularly fond of the G19, G26, G32 and G33. I must also admit to having huge respect for the Sig P226 and P229 in 9mm and 357 Sig.

Glad to be on board.
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