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Originally Posted by Kentguy View Post

Thanks for the posting, definitely food for thought. As the author of the article presented at the out-set, some are very outspoken about their choice of presses... and perhaps from their point of view and use of equipment - rightfully so!

I started out with a LEE single stage because that is what the guys who were teaching me were using (these were long time/old time re-loaders). Since I have LEE dies & such, I progressed into a LEE classic turret press. Now despite some minor "quirks" these two presses have served me well for my test loads and larger productions runs.

I the past 3 years, I have been getting involved with more and more competitions and local matches so I am going through quite a bit more ammo than in the past. Historically I have used the winter months for re-stocking my ammo and competing from spring to fall. My LEE's just can't keep up. I have been looking into a "Progressive" press and did some of my own comparison.

I am the type of person who likes to do my homework, buy something once and keep it until it just falls apart. Based on my research, a Dillon is more expensive, a bit of a pain to get set up right, but (watch the wording now) in the long run... is the best bang for the buck.

That is why this spring (unless this president and is band of merry men totally jack this country up) I have decided to purchase a Dillon to keep up with my growing ammo needs.

That's my perspective
Curious.. which Dillon are you considering? I have no experience w/ the 550 (or the LNL for that matter), but if you get a 650, I have a feeling you will be VERY pleased.

Originally Posted by MudFlap379 View Post
C4W, I'm curious what kinda problems you had? I've run a lotta ammo thru mine, and never had any issues. I almost went with a 650, but didn't have funds.... figured I could add a case feeder later for the LNL. Still don't have the funds for that, but someday, when I'm not paying $2500/month for child support, I'll get the case feeder.
Oh dear... That might require multiple posts, as his posts will be very long..
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