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I don't care for inexpensive plastic or synthetic stocks for the M1/M14 system. The barreled receiver fits into the stock group and is locked in place by the trigger group. The problem comes when the barrel/receiver group does not fit tightly into the stock group and it shifts around. When it shifts during recoil/counter-recoil, the barrel/receiver group never returns to the same resting point as the shot before and accuracy is horrible.

Because there are many different manufacturers of the rifle; Springfield, Winchester, H&R, etc., the stock has to be made large to fit most actions and this magnifies the above problem. To fix this, the rifle then has to be bedded using Acra-glas, Liquid Steel, or a similar product. The next problem comes when the now bedded rifle is field stripped for cleaning and the disassembly process destroys the now tight tolerances.

When I bedded my M1A for service rifle matches, it was to a standard walnut stock, but only after I had done all the work necessary to the rifle. Since doing it in the 90s, the rifle has never been disassembled for cleaning. On a target only rifle, this is perfectly fine.

If you want a synthetic stock, buy from McMillan or a high end manufacturer who watches their tolerances closely and has reinforced recoil shoulders in the stock.
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