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The biggest limiting factor is the physics of it all. A high end 10mm load in my G29 SF is having a big tiger by the tail. I have strong hands & arms but the hot 10mm ammo simply overwhelmed me for fast shooting.

I found 3 effective solutions. First and by far the most effective was putting Talon rubber grips (they also make the sandpaper type but have never tried them) on the gun. The extra traction more than made up for any lack of strength. Second was putting Pearce mag extenders on the mags. They allow the pinky to add a good amount of control and strength. Finally, I quit shooting the nuclear loads. I still shoot high power but not nuclear. I like the 155gr XLT at 1,330 fps or the 180 XLT at 1,235 fps.

The G29 is a great gun by most any measure. Hope you enjoy it!
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