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Read that thread. He post in it. He says he doesn't do production often. It's interesting how he admits to soft peddling things for fear of getting sued. That tells you a lot. I never soft peddle anything. You want a honest opinion about a product I have used you will get it from me.

He does like his LnL. He didn't seem to have the issues other have had (who knows maybe he just didn't report them). Many in that thread had the same issues I and other have had. He is entitled to his opinion as am I. I used the LnL for 5 months and found it severely lacking. Decided if you want to trust the opinion of someone who soft peddles issues or just tells it the way it is. Mine jammed every 100 rds at least and wouldn't seat primers any better then 99%. 1 failure to fire in a 100 rds is just not acceptable.

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