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Any good tips on managing recoil in G29 with hot 10mm ammo?

Hi all! I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of (real) 10mm loads. Even in small g29 the recoil is not too bad (even when compared to my previous firearm - g19). But, as a relative novice, I want to further improve my recoil management skills.

I wonder if there are any solid tips for managing recoil for small-frame pistols, like g29, while using heavy and hot ammo loads?

From my research, here are some tips I've found:
- squeeze the handle hard (40% force trigger hand; 60% support hand)
- bring elbows and shoulders up some to make the gun move more back and forth, rather then up and down during recoil cycle
- aggressive stance (knees a bit more bent, feet a bit farther apart, torso a bit more forward)
- right hand (if you are right-handed) as high on the handle as possible
- pistol grip enhancement (stippling, skateboard tape, mag well extender/plate for pinky, etc.)
- work on upper body and grip strength (forearms, palms, shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest)

Any thoughts on these? Any other suggestions/ideas (as well as links and any useful references) on this topic?

I appreciate all the advice and help with this!
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