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Originally Posted by rustytxrx View Post
I have two g20s. If I do carry one I have a 10 round magazine for carry. If I can't get out of trouble with 10 + 1 I don't think 16 + 1 would help. I think 10 round magazine would be easier to explain in court. I am not sure how easy the 10mm would be to explain. I could be thought of as an aggressor caliber, someone looking for a fight.

I personally stick to the 38 special 120gr +p. it makes sense to a defense attorney and a prosecuting attorney. If you are going to carry you should thank about both sides of defense.

I think this makes perfect sense to keep these issues in mind, especially in our imperfect legal system.

My primary reason for owning my glock29 is protection against large animals when I'm hiking in black bear/mountain lion country. But, I intend to keep using the same weapon for sd/hd because I can't afford another weapon, and, more importantly, I want to get used to and be proficient with one gun. The logic behind this I think is clear (to me, as well as many other responsible gun owners here). Not sure if the logic would be as clear to 12 jurors, attorney for the victim, and prosecutor - if it ever comes to that.
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