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Originally Posted by rustytxrx View Post
Digilo, in Texas if you use your carry gun, you have just committed murder or at least attempted murder. You will have to defend yourself to the legal system.

So many people just think of one side of this issue. I can tell you from personal experience, you should give both sides of carry some thought. When you pull the trigger you are in trouble.

If you think I am tring to scare someone, you are wrong. I am tring to make them think. I have been there and I can tell you it is scary.

I've thought about both sides of the story, 10mm is my choice. Compromising myself for fear of litigation is not something I am willing to do. When people think of both sides they often fast forward to the after where they might be in trouble. You have to survive your encounter before you can worry about being in trouble. There is nothing wrong with a 10mm with standard capacity magazines. Do everything right when you carry, use your tool for defense when deadly force is appropriate and lesser means have failed or can not reasonably be employed. A good shoot is a good shoot regardless of your weapon...same goes for a bad shoot.
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