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Originally Posted by Steel Head View Post
It's not going to win any Picture of The Year awards but you can clearly see the leade from the chamber step to rifling.

This is from a Springfield RO.
Wow! You da man! I was thinking of taking a macro shot of mine and I was wondering if it would turn out well. Now I don't have to

Mine looks just like yours, except the rifling goes all the way to the headspace shoulder. There is no leade. All of that nice taper you have leading to the rifling doesn't exist. It just starts, and right at the end of the chamber itself where cartridge case ends.

I wonder if the leade is cut in a different step from the rest of the chamber cutting and they forgot to do it? The chamber itself looks to be nicely done, not that I'm an expert. So if the leade is cut with the reamer that does the rest of the chamber, I don't see how the leade wouldn't have been cut at the same time. Maybe SA thinks this is the way the chamber should be done, or at least they did 20 years ago?

Either way, the gun is going to the smith. I almost can't wait until Thursday.
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