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Tell ya what Butch,

You want it, it's yours. I'll pay it forward. I don't have a mag to use it on, if it'll work for you, send me a PM with an address and I'll mail it off to you.

It's the least I can do. Gt'ers have done the same for me when I came up one ILS housing short on my Springfield.
My boss asked recently what my position was, I told him,

"Standing or sitting when not lying down."

Actually in all truth, my boss doesn't know his own position, and since he's had it for 10 years he won't ask his boss what he actually is supposed to do.

Greatest Quote EVER:(In regards to Gecko_45's diatribe on body armor)
"If plan A is to take multiple rounds of .308 in your back, I'd come up with a Plan B"
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