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Wow, some of these comments are absolutely mind blowing. Listen, I believe that he's not making the right decisions and he's hurting us more than helping us, and obviously I disagree with the gun stuff but some of you guys are making him out to be the antichrist...... I mean he's not satan for gods sake, he actually thinks what he's doing will help and I honestly think he's trying to do a good job. Obviously I don't agree that he is but some of you guys sound like fools trying to make him out to be something he isn't. First of all, the "birthers"- guess what? He won, end of story.... They aren't going to remove him. Then the Muslim accusers. He hasn't done anything remotely Muslim (and if he did so what? They are people too, just believe in their imaginary friend instead of yours). I could go on and on but honestly I see why the dems won the latest election. People are hating him just to hate him it seems, not hating him because he's running the country into the ground.
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