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Originally Posted by barth View Post
Thanks for the extra info.
The gun cycles perfectly with FMJ .223 and NATO 5.56 ammo
and the 10.5" barrel with no attachments.
It was designed, manufactured and shipped that way from Bulgaria.
I'm starting to think it's not broken and I should leave it alone - LOL!

Also, even though everyone talks about Krinkov style guns, in reality;
"the word “Krinkov” has no meaning in Russian and that it’s a term apparently conjured up in the United States"

My understanding is that Russian soldiers’ jargon for the AKS-74U
includes the following: “Ksyukha,” which is derived from AKS-
74U and sounds like a girl’s name (the nickname for Xenya);
“Suchok,” which comes from AKS-74U and in Russian means
“little bough;” “Such,” which in Russian means “little Butch;”
and “Kroc,” the Russian word for “cigarette butt.”
As just stated, in the Russian language “Krinkov” is a nonsense word, devoid of any meaning. ...
I'm getting excited to get my baby back!
Ha ha ha... you're learning Russian already... "Krink" has his roots in Afghan war, if I remember right, I have to dig around little bit to find out what they meant by this...
"Suchka" is what they usually call it, I call it just AKS-U ('U" for "short" in Russian - Укорочений )... With stock they are great guns, kinda loud with the short barrel but...
Great info in English has Marko Vorobiev ( ) you can find his articles in some G&A "The Book of AK" issues, he explains about the shorty...
Too bad you guys cannot read Russian, there are great links in some of the Russian forums and sites, they are some good guys there that are living encyclopedia on those shorties...:
Here is a SpecNaz's Manual :
Maybe some of those sites could be translated by Google...

In regard of your gun - just as you do, I would not bother at all about the fake flash hider... It is a very controllable round in general, with or without flash hider it would not matter, I would prefer to be SBR because of the stock option but obviously you have other priorities and I understand the point...
On AK I would always go for the smaller round, they didn't changed the whole setup by accident... I got what they call a "Polish Tantal" rifle, which has very little to do with the polish gun, it has US made barrel and receiver, but I was looking specifically for this.
It will not accept also the nice Krebs/K-Var muzzle device because of the longer barrel ( something that I was also looking for), as you can see in my case, even I can fit the device, it will not function properly because muzzle end falls in the middle of the expansion chamber, instead in the beginning...
Bottom is the original polish brake.
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