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Originally Posted by .45Super-Man View Post
Our founders would have fixed this with a simple platform and about 6 ft of rope. "Shall not infringe" doesn't have a 'grey area'. You either uphold the constitution or you're an enemy of it and a traitor.
Do their cops carry revolvers ? ? or does the ban exist just for me and you, not for them ? ?

True, now, let's lead the folks responsible for fast-n-furious debacle to the prison gates....they were ALL sitting together at a press hearing last week, all of them could have been easily captured and questioned about their roll in traitorous to bottom...

Every fuugan day, our elected officials need to recite the Constitution to remember WHO they serve, WE are NOT your peasants, nor do WE work for produce NOTHING, without the private sector and tax-payers, you would starve...., go vote yourselves another chunk of my hard earned money, boys-n-girls....

I am out......
violators will be prostituted to the

fullest extent of the LAW...
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