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Nice rig, ESAFO. Looks like you have it set up in a semi permanent location, maybe a home away from home?

We're still using a 1966 Prowler 17.5' camper trailer that my uncle had when he took me hunting back in the '60's. I've had it 27 years and it's still in great shape. I use it every year as my elk hunting base camp, for our annual spring camp along the Colorado River near Moab, and maybe another trip or two to the mountains.

For various reasons I've removed the siding and replaced the insulation with modern foam board. It's cozy inside for winter weather camping with nice carpet, insulated curtains, good bed, shower, etc. The original Dometic propane/electric refrigerator stopped working this year so I want to find a replacement.

I look at more modern units and we may get one someday but this one does the job and costs almost nothing....

Hunting, Fishing & Camping

Hunting, Fishing & Camping
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