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Originally Posted by 50 cal View Post
You aren't missing much. A kid with a fake Russian accent that has access to an Type 07 SOT. He takes the toys out and does a lot of stupid stuff.
Eventually he will get himself at least seriously injured. His latest stunt had him shooting at a truck filled with tannerite from a distance of about 30-40 yds. The truck door came flying back at him so quickly he didn't even have time to flinch. He was very lucky he wasn't decapitated.

He is a Darwin Award winner in waiting.
I was a really big fan of Kyle (FPSRussia) and his youtube channel. I'm a young guy with only a little money- and I thought being able to see all that stuff was really neat. After the stunt with the truck- I decided his videos were no longer worth my time. What he did was stupid and irresponsible- and anybody that doesn't value their life obviously doesn't deserve my attention.

TLDR - Nothing to see here folks.
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