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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
It just seems like another reaching cop bashing thread, that has to go overseas to try. Sad really.
Ya think?

I have a lot of LEO friends. We in our gun club are often requested by the local(to us) police for instruction in firearms proficiency( the government just provides 50 rounds for each cop during training for the 6 month period) and maintenance.

The head of our local NBI is personal friend and was my classmate since elementary school. 90 percent of the personnel in our local NBI office are close personal friends and fellow range officers of mine. We support the law enforcers here wholeheartedly but we don't like the bad apples(of which there are a lot).

BTW, the NBI is the LEA where the ND occurred but not in the local office where my friends are. The incident occurred at the main office in the capital city, Manila, where corruption is rife.
Guns don't kill, proper sight picture and trigger control does.

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So what makes all human life so valuable? Who said? A cooky religion?

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