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Originally Posted by barth View Post
I've read where muzzle brakes and flash hiders attach to the
front sight block. But the physical tip of the barrel extends to the end of the fake flash suppressor. So if I took off the fake
flash suppressor the barrel still wouldn't be any shorter.
With or without a real muzzle beak / Flash suppressor???
Am I missing something?
If Arsenal Bulgaria had not, for unknown reasons, designed it with a fake hider and long barrel, the barrel would be ~8".

Originally Posted by barth View Post
Also, will the real KVAR Krink 5.56 mussel brake / flash suppressors fit on my Arsenal SLR-106U?
Or do I, like I suspect, have to change the front sight block for these parts?

Mine has;
"SLR-106UR model comes with a front sight block / gas block combination and short gas system (“Krinkov”)."
Again for reasons that make absolutely no sense to anyone, the 106U pistol does not have a threaded FSB. The fake muzzle device is pressed on. If you wanted to get a working muzzle device you would have to replace the FSB with a standard threaded one, cut the barrel down to standard length, and then add either the cone booster or Bulgy "Beer Can" flash hider. Probably the booster to aid in functioning.
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