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Yes. My Glock 26 Gen 4 gave me BTF from round one out of the box. Gotta figure the tester took two to the face too but shipped the gun anyway.

My fault - I expected "Glock perfection." My expectations were wrong. I read the new book Glock, America's Gun and learned the perfection pitch is a myth. So now I accept the imperfection and the Glock no-service.

First thing I did was install a steel recoil spring guide. No clue why that worked but it did reroute 100% of the brass from hitting me in the face to raining down on my head/hat.

Second thing I did was grit my teeth and spring for an Apex Tactical gen 4 extractor and plunger spring thingie. That moved the brass to 4 o'clock. No BTF or head since.

So yes, there is a fix - at least for my G26 Gen 4. Did have to wait for the Apex Tactical stuff to become available. Apparently there's quite a market in making parts that work to replace Glock's OEM parts.

And I sure wish I'd gotten a good one so I could post that I'd never had a problem instead of do all the research to try to figure out how to fix the thing...and that those folks on the forum that never had a problem got this gun....but...if life were fair I'd been dead long ago.
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