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six barrels
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Originally Posted by .38 super View Post
This was also my general understanding... I'm talking from the top of my head but 5.56 is higher pressure round than the original 5.45x39 and I assume Arsenal went with "longer" barrel just to simplify things, the original barrel length with 5.45 round would require one of the two muzzle devices...
IMHO, I would prefer the one on the bottom picture, especially the version that Noveske manufactures because is designed to create backpressure better than the first-one, but both of them are fine...
The Kalashnikov Klub

Bart, I hope Arsenal fix the minor glitch with the feeding ramp, I'm sure you got what you want and will enjoy shooting it, thanks for the clearing the lingo with the barrel length and "pistol" designation...
I did look again at the pictures and came back to fix my post - the top compensator/flash hider/muzzle device, call it anyway you want, should not be used in shorter barrels, it will not do any good, the original Krink ( hate this term...) device is the one that should be used, don't pay attention on 7.62 designation...:
The Kalashnikov Klub
Thanks for the extra info.
The gun cycles perfectly with FMJ .223 and NATO 5.56 ammo
and the 10.5" barrel with no attachments.
It was designed, manufactured and shipped that way from Bulgaria.
I'm starting to think it's not broken and I should leave it alone - LOL!

Also, even though everyone talks about Krinkov style guns, in reality;
"the word “Krinkov” has no meaning in Russian and that it’s a term apparently conjured up in the United States"

My understainding is that Russian soldiers’ jargon for the AKS-74U
includes the following: “Ksyukha,” which is derived from AKS-
74U and sounds like a girl’s name (the nickname for Xenya);
“Suchok,” which comes from AKS-74U and in Russian means
“little bough;” “Suchka,” which in Russian means “little b1tch;”
and “Okurok,” the Russian word for “cigarette butt.”
As just stated, in the Russian language “Krinkov” is a nonsense word, devoid of any meaning.

It's interesting...

Anyway thanks again for your reply.
I'm feeling much better about Arsenal Inc of Nevada fixing my gun.
All it really needs is some feed ramp rework for HPs.
I'm getting excited to get my baby back!

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