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Originally Posted by arclight610 View Post
So I have a chance to pick up a Browning A5 for a cheap price. The kicker is that it is 16 Gauge. Is there still some support for this shell?
Yes, but nowhere near the support for the other gauges. I had a 16 gauge Browning BPS Upland Special and never had problems finding good shells for it. Every couple of years Browning will do a special run of Citori's in 16 gauge. It seems the people that have them love them. I'd only get a 16 if it was actually built on a 16 frame. I made the mistake of buying a 16 gauge 870 Express once. It was built on a 12 gauge frame so it carried like a 12 weight wise but didn't have the versatility of one. My BPS on the other hand was built on a 20 gauge frame. It was a light, lively gun. The old adage was, "Carries like a 20, hits like a 12."

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