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Originally Posted by nsl View Post
Why is it that today people worship the masculine black guy, but are scared to death of the masculine white guy?
You're only scratching the surface. (case in point: there is an episode of House, wherein a black actor (a surgeon) takes a syringe, stabs it into a white female actress (a doctor), and then injects her with what is thought, at that point in the episode, to be a lethal substance without a known cure. When I saw the episode for the first time, I thought the writers were giving the black actor a viable exit so as to let him do movies or something. Yet he came back and remained on the show until it was cancelled. Needless to say, very telling to what the writers were actually up to as it played out that "the angry black man" was allowed to get away with attempted murder due to his frustrations of being part of an "oppressed race.")

Simply put, the globalists will use every avenue, including hollyweird, so as to pit one race against another race, which helps keep the focus off of we Americans' real enemies. Stuff like this will eventually make sheeple more susceptible to the ultimate false synthesis being promoted by the globalists.
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