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Originally Posted by Reswob View Post
No it wouldn't. Muzzle devices thread onto the front sight block, not the barrel. So if the flash hider wasn't fake, the barrel would be shorter (end at the FSB).

The general consensus is that Arsenal screwed the pooch on this one, there's no reason to have a long barrel and fake muzzle device. Coupled with the lack of the latch on the front left for a folding stock, the damn thing doesn't even make a good SBR starter, which should have been Arsenal's original intention.
This was also my general understanding... I'm talking from the top of my head but 5.56 is higher pressure round than the original 5.45x39 and I assume Arsenal went with "longer" barrel just to simplify things, the original barrel length with 5.45 round would require one of the two muzzle devices...
IMHO, I would prefer the one on the bottom picture, especially the version that Noveske manufactures because is designed to create backpressure better than the first-one, but both of them are fine...
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Bart, I hope Arsenal fix the minor glitch with the feeding ramp, I'm sure you got what you want and will enjoy shooting it, thanks for the clearing the lingo with the barrel length and "pistol" designation...
I did look again at the pictures and came back to fix my post - the top compensator/flash hider/muzzle device, call it anyway you want, should not be used in shorter barrels, it will not do any good, the original Krink ( hate this term...) device is the one that should be used, don't pay attention on 7.62 designation...:
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