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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
It just seems like another reaching cop bashing thread, that has to go overseas to try. Sad really.

The dude who started the thread is in the locality where it occurred.

Where were you when we posted a "bashing" thread about Yeager? He was (is) the subject of attention for doing something stupid, like the person or people responsible for the ND.

Where were you when the numerous threads on computer techs, doctors, rednecks, hillybillies, drunkards, black people, fat people, oriental female drivers etc are being posted?

I do not speak from a position of authority, but you really should consider an investment in a denser hide.

Last, if you can't laff at yourself, or an idiot in your profession, you are probably wound up too tight.

Relax. It happened in the Philippines, posted by someone from there.
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