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Originally Posted by gunsup View Post
Today while out running errands at work one town over from Newtown CT I was stopped at a traffic light and just happened to look over at a telephone pole abd posted in black and white on a weathered sign says and I quote "If you want your fuel bill paid for the winter VOTE for Obama"
I'm now 36,left for Marine corps boot camp 2 weeks after HS graduation served honorably, obtained the rank of Sgt in an infantry unit "ooh rah" and have hit the ground running ever since. Married, 2 kids both A+/- students because I'm doing my part as a parent , own a home, I get up and go to work EVERYAY to pay my bills and never asked for a ****KING DIME not from family, and especially not from the government NEVER!!!
This is such B.S. yet totally expected from this place .
Any way rant over.
Wheres a nice place? Western N.C. always seemed like a nice place beautiful anyway. Eastern Tennessee? Out west? I'm ready yo pick up.
Open to suggestions

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I guess I have more questions than answers...

What is you and your wife's profession? If you want to stay in your chosen fields, it might limit you a bit.

Weather preferences? ( I imagine since you're in CT... snow and cold doesn't bother you)

Sounds like you're familiar with NC, so.. I'd say that's a pretty good start.
Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
The fire is no longer my major concern since I am leaving immediately on an unexpected road trip to Indianapolis. Watch the national news over the next couple of days, I'll wave... well, only if I'm cuffed in the front.
RIP Jack
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