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Originally Posted by Reswob View Post
No it wouldn't. Muzzle devices thread onto the front sight block, not the barrel. So if the flash hider wasn't fake, the barrel would be shorter (end at the FSB).

The general consensus is that Arsenal screwed the pooch on this one, there's no reason to have a long barrel and fake muzzle device. Coupled with the lack of the latch on the front left for a folding stock, the damn thing doesn't even make a good SBR starter, which should have been Arsenal's original intention.
I've read where muzzle brakes and flash hiders attach to the
front sight block. But the physical tip of the barrel extends to the end of the fake flash suppressor. So if I took off the fake
flash suppressor the barrel still wouldn't be any shorter.
With or without a real muzzle beak / Flash suppressor???
Am I missing something?

Also, will the real KVAR Krink 5.56 mussel brake / flash suppressors fit on my Arsenal SLR-106U?
Or do I, like I suspect, have to change the front sight block for these parts?

Mine has;
"SLR-106UR model comes with a front sight block / gas block combination and short gas system (“Krinkov”)."
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