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I say chill out a bit and tone it down IF possible. If not, you may face this over and over in almost any corporate, university, or government setting. Be yourself but tone it down a bit and try to blend. No need to change everything or go overboard. Think of it as infiltrating the enemy.

Seriously though, I would never discuss living off the grid, guns, politics, abortion, religion, et.c, with anyone at work except a close friend who works there. I keep my work persona very professional, don't discuss controversial topics, and try to be friendly enough with everyone without taking people into confidence unless they become close friends. It has served me well. I also try to not let my physical presence dominate others who may be more timid or gay or artistic or whatever. Some people are bothered by that. I am cognizant of that and have "softened" my presence and attitude over the last several years. I try to let my ideas and work speak loudly now. I also use the humor angle a lot. In the workplace, THESE are the real assets.
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