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Originally Posted by .38 super View Post
Well, it depends how you looking at it - the expansion camera definitely creates higher pressure that is needed to cycle the action and even on a real gun this thing does not hide any flash, but you are right - I missed the fake "flash hider" and I call it wrong... This is what happens when you write stuff in the middle of the night...
I still don't get it why they would do fake flash hider if they could just put that a real-one up front...?
I guess it goes with the "pistol" designation that I'm not very familiar with...
It's a good choice to get a AK in same caliber as AR, you'll always find ammo...
This is my first AK and I'm not real knowledgeable about it.
Being a pistol with a 10.5" barrel it's not considered a SBR (class III).
And it doesn't need to be 922r compliant. So it's 100% Bulgarian parts.
Manufactured and assembled in Bulgaria, by Arsenal of Bulgaria and imported as a complete firearm.

The fake flash hider is just for looks.
The gun has a short Krinkov gas system.
So it runs reliable with a short barrel on standard back pressure.
I think it's supposed to look like a super shorty Krink with an 8.5 inch barrel and a flash hider on the nose.
But this pup has a 10.5 inch with the fake wrapped around and pined on the longer barrel.

If the flash hider was real,
it would extend the barrel and make it ~4 inches longer.
I like it being about 20 inches over all length.
And prefer the better velocity from 10.5 vs 8.5 barrel.

I'm disappointed it won't run HP ammo.
But Arsenal Inc Nevada is honoring the one year warranty and is willing to repair.

I can't wait to get her back and hit the range!
And am real happy she runs on domestic ammo.
Wish me luck with my Commemorative FU Obummer AK!

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