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Originally Posted by dp2002813 View Post

A NJ refugee here. Contact your state reps now over this steaming hot mess:

Where is west new york, nj anyway? A mental health exam AND on-site home inspection?!? Wha da. My heart goes out to all y'all in NJ. I have resolved to only cross the border of NJ for a funeral... which is a shame really. There some really great things to see and do in NJ.

W. NY is in Hudson County (Northern NJ) and borders the Hudson River across from NYC. Yea, I saw this the other day.....Typical lib....As is stands now, a Consent for Mental Health Records Search is part of the process when you apply for a Permit to Purchase,(6-8 weeks, if you're lucky) here in PRNJ. Seems she wants us to undergo an additional psych background and / or testing.....Next, they'll be asking for blood and urine samples......I'm not sure if this legislation is going anywhere, but ya never know...
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